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City Clerk
Public Records Request
Use this request to make a Public Records Act Request.
Code Enforcement and Public Nuisance Reports
Excessive Weed Growth and Overgrown Landscaping
Click here to report excessive weed growth or overgrown landscaping.
Accumulation or Storage of Waste
Click here to report the accumulation or storage of waste including trash, discarded furniture or other discarded items.
General Public Nuisance
Click here to report all other general public nuisance or health and safety issues.
Unsafe Vacant or Abandoned Properties
Click here to report unsafe conditions at vacant or abandoned properties.
Animal Nuisance
Click here to report any animal related nuisances in the community.
Inoperative Vehicles
Click here to report inoperative vehicles parked on City streets or in public view.
Click here to report graffiti.
Restricted Parking
Click here to report parking violations including parking on unpaved surfaces, commercial parking in residential zones and storage of recreational vehicles in front yard areas.
Streets & Landscape
Sidewalk Repair or Trip Hazard
This request is regarding maintenance of streets and sidewalks.
This request is to report potholes.
Tree Limbs/Trees
This request is to report issues with trees in the public right of way.
Street Lights
This request is to report issues relating to street lights.
Stop Signs
This request is to report repairs to Stop signs.
Street Signs
This request is to report repairs to street signs.
Weeds & Brush (Right of Way)
Weeds & Overgrown Brush (right-of-way) - curbs - gutters - sidewalks
Use the Address Lookup to find all activity at a location.
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