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Code Enforcement
Wasco, CA Code Enforcement

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The most common violations:
Code Enforcement
A. Seven-Day Storage (Refuse). 1. No one may keep refuse (except for inert materials) on premises for more than seven days, subject to exceptions provided in 14 CCR 17331 (such as strikes, severe weather and official holidays). 2. Everyone must comply with 14 CCR 17331. 3. Everyone must make reasonable efforts to prevent: a. Propagation, harboring, or attraction of flies, rodents or other vectors; and b. The creation of nuisances. B. Storage (Solid Waste Other Than Refuse). No one may keep solid waste (other than refuse) on premises longer than the following periods of time: TIME PERIOD LOCATION 2 weeks if within 400 feet of a building, 4 weeks if 400 feet or more from a building, and any other shorter period of time if the public works director determines that the accumulation is unreasonable, unsightly, excessive or constitutes a threat to human health or safety or to the environment.
Code Enforcement
A. Every owner of property shall properly maintain their property in a manner such that it does not contain or become a public nuisance and shall promptly abate any public nuisance in accordance with this chapter.
17.79.06(C) CONDITION OF STRUCTURES- Destroyed/Abandoned
Code Enforcement
All developed real property in the city shall be maintained at a level not less than the following standards: C. Condition of Structures. Structures shall not be partially destroyed, abandoned, unsecured, or permitted to remain in a state of, except properties with valid current building permits on file with the city of Wasco building department, partial construction for more than thirty days. Buildings or structures shall not be boarded up for a period in excess of ten days without a valid demolition or building permit on file, except in compliance with Section 17.79.070

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