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Permits & Inspections
City of Starkville, MS Permits & Inspections

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The most common permits:
New Residential Construction
Residential Building Permits Building
New single family residential homes.
Site Plan

Site plans shall be drawn at a scale of one (1) inch to fifty (50) feet or larger. Necessary notes and symbol legends shall be included. Abbreviations should be avoided, but if used, shall be defined in the notes. A site plan prepared by a Mississippi licensed Architect, Landscape Architect, Engineer, or Surveyor shall illustrate the following:

i. Boundary, setback lines, existing easements, and proposed easements

ii. North arrow, legend, and graphic scale

iii. Vehicular areas for site plan review. The following shall be included: driveway widths, pavement markings, sight triangles at intersections, crosswalks, parking, ADA parking, loading zones, location of heavy-duty pavement, parking lot terminal islands, parking lot median islands, parking lot interior islands, accessory structures associated with parking lots, loading areas, curbs, and traffic control signage

iv. Vehicular areas for infrastructure plan review. The following shall be included: centerline, street widths, R.O.W. widths, curve radius, pavement markings, angle of intersection of roadways, sight triangles at intersections, crosswalks, and traffic control signage

v. Pedestrian areas. The following shall be included: sidewalk locations, sidewalk dimension, ADA accessible route from vehicular areas, ADA accessible route from right of way to buildings, ADA curb ramps, ADA access ramps, details of ramps, guardrails, or other minimum required site elements necessary to meet ADA standards

vi. Building areas for site plan review. The following shall be included: building square footage (with calculation method), number of residential units, number of bedrooms, number of stories, and total height of building in feet from grade from the average elevation of the finished grade surrounding the structure to the highest point of the structure as applicable

vii. Fire protection and fire zones for site plan review. Occupancy load calculations shall be done per IFC 2012 section 1004

viii. Dumpster enclosure location for site plan review

Residential Permit- Example Site Plan.pdf Download

Electrical Inspection
Inspections Building
This permit is for getting your apartment, business, or home reconnected to the utilities department.
Electrical Inspection for Connection

The Electrical Inspection for Connection is the quickest way to get one of our inspectors to the desired location for final approval so you get get the power turned back on. The fee currently costs $52.50.

If you are looking to do electrical work inside of your home or buisness then you need to look for the Electrical Permit under either the residential or comercial section and select Electrical Permit.

Sign Permit
Planning Projects Planning Division
This application is for any request for a Sign Permit for a new sign or modification of an existing sign.
Gas Pressure Inspection
Inspections Building
Pressure test done on gas piping before being connected to a service provider.
Permit under Franchise Agreement
Planning Projects Planning Division
Any excavation application for gas line installation or telecommunication fiber, hand holes, and splice stations under franchise agreement.

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Lyle MeCaskey

Building Department Administrator

Phone:(662) 323-2525
Address: Community Development Department
110 W Main Street
Starkville, MS 39759

Planning Division

Daniel Havelin

City Planner

Phone:(662) 323-2525
Address: 110 West Main Street
Starkville, MS 39759-2823
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