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{"template_id":"4","key_id":"4","user_id":"95739","date_created":"2019-09-23 18:28:43","flag_deleted":"0","flag_order":"1.0","department_id":104,"parent_template_id":"2","code":"HGW","title":"High Grass \/ Weeds Request","description":"Use this request type to report public nuisance such as high grass and weeds.","flag_require_location":1,"flag_allow_anonymous":"0","flag_internal_only":"0","infofields":[],"infofields_groups":[],"wotypes":[],"violations":[{"violation_list_id":671,"violation_id":671,"title":"Nuisance: Overgrown Weeds - Exceeding 12\" - Ord. 2012-10","type_name":"Weeds may be declared public nuisance; Resolution to abate.\n\nWhenever any weeds are growing upon any street, sidewalk, or private property, the City may, by resolution, declare the weeds to be a public nuisance and order its abatement. The resolution (the \"First Resolution\") shall refer to the street by the name under which it is commonly known or describe the property upon which or in front of which the nuisance exists by giving a legal description of the property and no other description of the property shall be required. Any number of streets, sidewalks, or parcels of private property may be included in one resolution. This Ordinance shall not apply to any property that has been zoned agricultural property.","flag_order":1,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Ord. 2012-10"},{"violation_list_id":685,"violation_id":685,"title":"Other Violation","type_name":"This is for all other violation types.","flag_order":2,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":""}],"new_max_response_value":"7","new_max_response_period":"days","updated_max_response_value":"5","updated_max_response_period":"days","estimate_complete_value":"30","estimate_complete_period":"days","flag_escalation_notice_new_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_update_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_completion_time":"0","knowledges":[]}

High Grass / Weeds Request

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