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{"template_id":"15","key_id":"15","user_id":"95739","date_created":"2019-10-02 15:29:00","flag_deleted":"0","flag_order":"6.0","department_id":104,"parent_template_id":"2","code":"OCER","title":"Other Code Enforcement Requests","description":"Use this request type to report any type of code enforcement request.","flag_require_location":1,"flag_allow_anonymous":"0","flag_internal_only":"0","infofields":[],"infofields_groups":[],"wotypes":[],"violations":[{"violation_list_id":669,"violation_id":669,"title":"Vehicle: Stored, Parked, or Left Dismantled - Ord. #2002-01","type_name":"A. No person shall park, store, leave or permit the parking, storing, or leaving of any motor vehicle of any kind which is in an abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, junked or partially dismantled condition, unless such motor vehicle is enclosed or otherwise not visible from a public street, whether attended or not, upon private property within the City for a period of time in excess of fourteen (14) days unless said vehicle is parked or stored in connection with a business enterprise that is lawfully licensed by the City as an automobile repair shop or automobile body repair shop, with such business properly operated in the appropriate business zone, pursuant to the zoning laws of the City, and in which event said motor vehicle shall not remain parked, left or stored for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days.\n\nB. The presence of an abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, junked or partially dismantled motor vehicle, or parts thereof, on private property or public property in violation of Section 3.A herein, is hereby declared a public nuisance which may be abated as such in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance. This section shall not apply to any vehicle enclosed or otherwise not visible from a Public Street on private property.","flag_order":1,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Ord. #2002-01"},{"violation_list_id":675,"violation_id":675,"title":"Nuisance: Animal Control - Dog Without Rabies Shot - Sec. 1-23","type_name":"It shall be unlawful for any person to own, possess, keep, maintain or harbor a dog within the town without having such dog inoculated annually for rabies as required by section 3-7-2, Code of Alabama, 1975.","flag_order":2,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Sec. 1-23"},{"violation_list_id":676,"violation_id":676,"title":"Nuisance: Animal Control - Dog Without Tag - Sec. 1-24","type_name":"(a) Each dog over the age of three (3) months shall wear a substantial durable collar or harness to which the inoculation tag provided for in section 3-7-2 Code of Alabama, 1975, shall be attached. No tag shall be attached by wire, rope or other inhumane means.\n\n(b) No person shall remove the collar and inoculation tag, or either of them, from any dog without the consent of its owner.","flag_order":3,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Sec. 1-24"},{"violation_list_id":678,"violation_id":678,"title":"Nuisance: Animal Control - Dogs Barking \/ Howling - Sec. 1-28","type_name":"It shall be unlawful for the owner or other person in charge of any dog to permit the loud and frequent or continuous barking, howling or yelping of such dog so as to annoy and disturb the neighbors. It shall be prima facie evidence that an animal is mischievous if it shall destroy real or personal property of a person other than its owner or shall scatter, tear up or place in disarray any personal property of a person other than its owner kept on the property of a person other than its owner.","flag_order":4,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Sec. 1-28"},{"violation_list_id":673,"violation_id":673,"title":"Zoning: Animal Control - Fowl at Large - Ord. #S97-0204","type_name":"This ordinance provides for regulation and control of animals within the town; prohibiting various acts or omissions and establishing penalties.","flag_order":5,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Ord. #S97-0204"},{"violation_list_id":677,"violation_id":677,"title":"Nuisance: Animal Control - Inhumane Treatment of Dogs - Sec. 1-26","type_name":"It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to keep the same in any enclosure or to keep the same on any leash or other restraint, unless the same shall be so arranged that such dog shall at all times have available water, food and proper shelter, or to do any act or thing or treat the dog in any inhumane manner.","flag_order":6,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Sec. 1-26"},{"violation_list_id":672,"violation_id":672,"title":"Nuisance: Animal Control - Livestock Caught & Impounded - Ord. #S97-02-04","type_name":"This ordinance provides for regulation and control of animals within the town; prohibiting various acts or omissions and establishing penalties.","flag_order":7,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Ord. #S97-02-04"},{"violation_list_id":674,"violation_id":674,"title":"Nuisance: Animal Control - Running at Large - Sec. S97-02-04","type_name":"This ordinance provides for regulation and control of animals within the town; prohibiting various acts or omissions and establishing penalties.","flag_order":8,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Sec. S97-02-04"},{"violation_list_id":671,"violation_id":671,"title":"Nuisance: Overgrown Weeds - Exceeding 12\" - Ord. 2012-10","type_name":"Weeds may be declared public nuisance; Resolution to abate.\n\nWhenever any weeds are growing upon any street, sidewalk, or private property, the City may, by resolution, declare the weeds to be a public nuisance and order its abatement. The resolution (the \"First Resolution\") shall refer to the street by the name under which it is commonly known or describe the property upon which or in front of which the nuisance exists by giving a legal description of the property and no other description of the property shall be required. Any number of streets, sidewalks, or parcels of private property may be included in one resolution. This Ordinance shall not apply to any property that has been zoned agricultural property.","flag_order":9,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Ord. 2012-10"},{"violation_list_id":670,"violation_id":670,"title":"Unsafe Structure: Structure Declared Unsafe - Ord. 2018-15","type_name":"An ordinance to provide a process for declaring unsafe and repairing or demolishing unsafe properties within the City of Springville.","flag_order":10,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Ord. 2018-15"},{"violation_list_id":679,"violation_id":679,"title":"Nuisance: Unauthorized Tampering - Sec. 106","type_name":"Signs, tags or seals posted or affixed by the code official shall not be mutilate, destroyed or tampered with, or removed without authorization from the code official.","flag_order":11,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Sec. 106"},{"violation_list_id":680,"violation_id":680,"title":"Zoning: Abandoned ROW - Sec. 1 III-1.6","type_name":"Whenever any street, alley or other public way is vacated or abandoned by official action of the City of Springville, the zoning district adjoining each side of such street, alley or public way shall be automatically extended to the center of the same and all area included therein shall then be subject to all appropriate regulations to the extended district.","flag_order":12,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Sec. 1 III-1.6"},{"violation_list_id":681,"violation_id":681,"title":"Zoning: Obstruction of Vision at Intersection Prohibited - Article 3, Sec. 1","type_name":"No fence, wall, shrubbery, sign, marquee, or other obstruction to vision between the heights of three feet (3') and ten feet (10') above street level shall be permitted within the sight triangle of the intersection of the right-of-way lines of two streets or railroads or of a street and a railroad right-of-way line. Accessory structures on a corner lot shall be set back not less than the minimum front yard depth required on the side street.","flag_order":13,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Article 3, Sec. 1"},{"violation_list_id":682,"violation_id":682,"title":"Zoning: Keeping of Swine Prohibited - Article 8, Sec. 5","type_name":"The keeping of swine is expressly prohibited.","flag_order":14,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Article 8, Sec. 5"},{"violation_list_id":685,"violation_id":685,"title":"Other Violation","type_name":"This is for all other violation types.","flag_order":15,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":""}],"new_max_response_value":"3","new_max_response_period":"days","updated_max_response_value":"3","updated_max_response_period":"days","estimate_complete_value":"10","estimate_complete_period":"days","flag_escalation_notice_new_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_update_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_completion_time":"0","knowledges":[]}

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