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{"template_id":"5","key_id":"5","user_id":"96068","date_created":"2020-03-17 14:25:36","flag_deleted":"0","flag_order":"2.0","department_id":75,"parent_template_id":"1","code":"CHIK","title":"Chicken Nuisances","description":"Submit a complaint about chicken nuisances.","flag_require_location":1,"flag_allow_anonymous":"0","flag_internal_only":"0","infofields":[],"infofields_groups":[],"wotypes":[],"violations":[{"violation_list_id":667,"violation_id":667,"title":"Animals - Keeping of Birds\/Fowl - Chapter 10, Section 106","type_name":"(a) The housing and keeping of domestic birds shall be in such a manner as not to create a nuisance. Domestic birds shall be restricted to no more than three so as not to create a noise nuisance. The keeping of domestic birds is permissible only in the (\"R\" zones) residentially zoned areas.\n(b) Every keeper of domestic birds shall confine the same in an enclosure sufficient to prevent their being at large and shall provide a shelter area of sufficient size to be conductive to good sanitation practices.\n(c) The housing and keeping of fowl and\/or birds of prey shall be permitted only in the A-1 agricultural zone and restricted in all \"R\" zones.\n(d) All fowl shall be kept in an enclosure designed as to prevent the animal from being at large. It shall house no more than one fowl per ten square feet of enclosure.\n(e) All birds of prey shall be kept in an enclosure designed to house no more than one bird of prey per 50 square feet.(f) All enclosures shall be restricted in size and location. The maximum allowable enclosure shall be equivalent to one square foot of enclosure to five square feet of rear yard. All enclosures shall be a minimum of seven feet in height and closed at the top. Enclosures shall be in the rear yards only.\n(g) The enclosure shall be no closer than 50 feet from any part of any residential structure or adjacent residential structure and any type of food service.\n(h) The enclosure shall be constructed in a manner for ease of cleaning. Runoff from an enclosure shall not be directed to a stream, drainage ditch or water course of any type.","flag_order":1,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Chapter 10, Section 106"}],"new_max_response_value":"1","new_max_response_period":"days","updated_max_response_value":"1","updated_max_response_period":"days","estimate_complete_value":"3","estimate_complete_period":"days","flag_escalation_notice_new_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_update_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_completion_time":"0","knowledges":[]}

Chicken Nuisances

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