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{"template_id":"3","key_id":"3","user_id":"96068","date_created":"2020-03-16 18:53:10","flag_deleted":"0","flag_order":"3.0","department_id":75,"parent_template_id":"1","code":"DOG","title":"Dogs At Large","description":"Submit a complaint about dogs at large.","flag_require_location":1,"flag_allow_anonymous":"0","flag_internal_only":"0","infofields":[],"infofields_groups":[],"wotypes":[],"violations":[{"violation_list_id":669,"violation_id":669,"title":"Animals - Dogs at Large - Chapter 10, Section 15","type_name":"Any dog or cat that is not confined as provided in subsection 10-1(a) of this Code, and not under the actual physical control of its owner or keeper, will be presumed to be running at large. In addition to impoundment, the animal welfare officer may, at their discretion, cite the owner of such dog or cat to appear in municipal court to answer charges for violation of this chapter.","flag_order":1,"flag_internal":0,"code_reference":"Chapter 10, Section 15"}],"new_max_response_value":"1","new_max_response_period":"days","updated_max_response_value":"1","updated_max_response_period":"days","estimate_complete_value":"3","estimate_complete_period":"days","flag_escalation_notice_new_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_update_request":"0","flag_escalation_notice_completion_time":"0","knowledges":[]}

Dogs At Large

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